IG Beijing Representative Office

On 14 October 2009 IG Markets Limited was granted a Registration Certificate of Foreign Enterprises Permanent Office in China, over the seal of the Director General of State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China, that is a Representative Office Licence.

The establishment of the IG Beijing Representative Office demonstrates the first step in a long term commitment by IG Markets Limited to China and the Chinese market and recognition of China's significant and growing part in the global economy.

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A Representative Office is permitted only to conduct "non-direct business activities", such as:

  • General Enquiries
  • Education
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Industry Insight

IG Beijing Representative Office
9th Floor, Tower 2, China Central Place
79 Jianguo Road
Chao Yang District

Tel: + 86 (10) 8535 0828 / 8535 0829 / 8535 0987
Fax: + 86 (10) 8535 0986

China Freecall: 400 120 3288